Peer Review Process

 The peer review process at the Egyptian Journal of Nutrition and Health (EJNH) includes the following steps in double-blind way:

1. Authors submit an article.

2. The Editor-in-chief verifies the relevance of the article to the journal's policy for publishing such papers and then, assigns associate editors, including biostatisticians, for initial evaluation.

3. Associate editors suggest peer-reviewers, who are authorities in the selected fields (usually three). If the manuscript is not approved for further evaluation, they ask the Editor-in-chief to reject the paper without peer reviewing (Fast rejection).

4. To help decide on the merits of the paper and reach a common conclusion on the paper's suitability for publication, the Editor-in-chief usually asks for an editorial board gathering to study the peer-reviewer's comments.

5. The authors may be asked to respond to the questions raised by reviewers if the paper is accepted for publication or a rejection letter is sent if not accepted.

6. The author/s are to respond in due time and clarify ambiguities if any.

7. Upon receiving the revised paper, the reviewers (usually two out of three and the biostatistician) check for the author/s feedback on their comments.

8. Upon the last round of review (mentioned at 7), and their approval, the paper is revised by editors and it is put in the queue for publication.