Efficacy of Dietary Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation on Rats with Induced Cerebral Palsy

Document Type : Original Article


Nutrition and Food Science Department, Faculty of Home Economics, Helwan University.


Cerebral palsy is characterized by motor impairment and can present with global physical and mental dysfunction.The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of dietary calcium and vitamin D supplementation on rats with induced cerebral palsy. Forty five adult male albino rats weighing 180±5gm were divided into seven groups .The 1st group (n=6) was fed on the basal diet (-ve control). The rest of rats (n=39) were injected with 15μl of ethanol to induce cerebral palsy (CP) and daily ingestion of 20 mg/kg.b.w of sodium phenytoin, 3 rats were sacrified to insure occurrence of (CP) .
Other groups were 6 each The 2nd group of rats continues and were fed on basal diet (+ve control). Group 3 was fed on daily basal diet supplemented with vitamin D3 by concentration of 600 IU kg/b.w. Groups 4-5 were fed on basal diet supplemented with 40 mg &120 mg of calcium (level1 and 2) with addition of vitamin D, respectively. Group 6 was fed on basal diet supplemented with level 1 Ca with vitamin D supplementation, while group 7 was fed on basal diet supplemented with level 2 Ca with vitamin D supplementation. At the end of the experimental period (10 weeks), rats were scarified. Hence, serum calcium, and vitamin D3 were determined. Results indicated that ethanol CP rats showed a significant (P <0.05) decrease in serum vit.D and serum calcium compared to the negative control one as well as Bone minerals density. It also indicated that supplemented diet with vitamin D and calcium at the highest level improved BWG% as well as serum vitamin D and calcium, Also these supplementation increased the bone mineral density. We concluded that Vit.D and Ca supplementation had beneficial effects on CP rats. It could be recommended that Vit.D and Ca supplementation are worthy trying on cerebral palsy patients.