Study the Biological and Biochemical Effects of Some Dried Fruits on Acute Renal Failure in Rats

Document Type : Original Article


Nutrition and Food Science Department, Faculty of Home Economics, Al-Azhar University Tanta, Egypt.


Golden berry and sweet cherry are known as nutritious fruit and herbal medicine for health-promoting properties. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of golden berry and sweet cherry on acute renal failure in rats induced by glycerol.Thirty six male albino adult rats (150±10 g.) were used, divided into two main groups; one (6 rats each) was used as a negative control group, while the other group of rats were injected intramuscularly with glycerol 10 ml/kg BW (50% v/v in sterile saline 0.9 %)  to induce acute renal failure. The second main group was divided into 5 equal sub-groups ; one used as a positive control and the other four groups were fed on supplemented diet (5 % and 10 % ) of each of dried golden berry and sweet cherry.Biological evaluation, liver enzymes, kidney functions, Na, K and serum antioxidant markers were estimated at the end of the experiment. The results indicated that kidney and liver functions were restored significantly in groups of rats which received golden berry and sweet cherry 10%, followed by golden berry and sweet cherry 5 % as compared to the positive control group. Glycerol rats group showed significant decrease in serum proteins and serum electrolytes. On the other hand, all supplemented groups with golden berry and sweet cherry showed a gradual significant increase in the mentioned parameters. Therefore, this study reveals the benefits of golden berry and sweet cherry in experimental animals with kidney and liver disease.